How to Create Exchange Email Forward

How to Create Exchange Email Forward Note: Before you begin please ensure you are not using Google Chrome. Chrome is not compatible with this feature. 1. Click on the “Settings icon” a. Click’ options 2. Go to “Organize email” a. Click’ on plus sign            … read more →

Online Content Thought Process

1. Is the content relevant? When adding new content, one must be sure that it has a purpose and is not a random addition that will clutter the page. The addition must fall under the correct category for the page it is on. It must be appropriate for what is… read more →

Is Your Personal Information Being Hacked…With Your Permission?

When you sign up for an account online, you are probably clicking the box that says you read the terms of service so that you can get on with enjoying what the website has to offer. The problem is that agreeing to those terms of services dictates how your information… read more →

America Online Privacy Fears Grow

During the holiday shopping season, it has become tradition for the media to report at least one breach of a major retailer’s database that exposes the private information of millions of customers. Recently, breaches of federal government databases and the computer networks of companies like Sony have caused many Americans… read more →

Cybersecurity, Encryption and Congress

What would you do if the government said that the contractor who built your home must have a spare set of keys to the home, and there must be a door built on your home that only the contractor could access? Would you feel safe? How would you feel knowing… read more →

Local small business promotion

Global IT Small Business (GSB) Promotions for local small business – Whittier Chamber of Commerce members Option 1: GSB IT Mth/Mth maintenance package 1: Unlimited remote network, computer, service, support, and monitoring with security protection for 1-5 employees or less for $300.00/Mth – Cancel at any time. Option 1B: 2… read more →

Stylish Google Font Combinations for All Business Types

Want Free Anti-virus Protection?

Try our computer security software during the month of May to get free installation, free scanning one month free, and all Global IT products come with a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Receive full internet browsing, malware, adware, spyware, firewall, and anti-virus protection at $3.50 per month,  protect all your computer… read more →

Best Computer Support!

Global IT  won the award of Best Computer Support presented by The Whittier Area Chamber of Commerce & City of Whittier. Recognized at ‘Spotlight on the Whittier Chamber’ Annual Installation and Awards Ceremony on April 7 at the Ruth B Shannon Center of the Performing Arts. Global IT’s President, Tony Willimas,… read more →

5G Closer Than you think

From a technology standpoint, 2017 looks like it is going to be the start of another revolution. In 1991, many people thought mankind had reached the pinnacle of technology with the introduction of the mobile phone. But as we know now, that was only the tip of a very big… read more →

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