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future of Internet of Things

The Future of IoT

Imagine a world where your toaster and coffee maker know what time you wake up in the morning and your toaster starts warming up, while your coffee maker starts brewing your coffee before you come downstairs. As part of your wardrobe, you put on a shirt that sends vital information… read more →

How fast is DSL

What speed is DSL DSL is the abbreviated word for Digital Subscriber line, Digital subscriber line or DSL works off a DSLAM or Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer which server as an interface device connecting from your location to the DSL providers closest network aggregation point, commonly a Central Office.… read more →

Internet speed test

Today faster connections well over 100Mbps are becoming more common, and end users expect to test they are receiving the amount of speed they are paying for. When testing a connection faster that 100Mbps you may be surprised that accurate internet speed testing can be limited or affected by several… read more →

Net Neutrality and What This Means to You

Net Neutrality and What This Means to You The internet was originally organized to be open, this meant that all “lawful” content, devices and applications could be used and shared freely. This principle was also intended to prevent unreasonable discrimination in the handling of internet traffic. The ultimate goal of… read more →

Explained: Residential vs. Business Broadband

Residential Internet Service Providers (ISP) compared to business Internet Service Provider connections. Here are some apparent differences: Residential products: 1. Provision dynamic IP addresses (not static) ◾A dynamic IP means that the IP address will change without warning. Therefore you cannot efficiently and reliably use business features like monitoring, added… read more →

DNS (Domain Name Services) 101

DNS – (UDP, 53) DNS (Domain Name System) is a service that resolves a web address, like, to an IP address, like, which is the location of a server that is hosting the website. In some cases just entering an IP address will direct you to a website.… read more →

What is Dedicated Internet?

In order to understand what dedicated internet is, we must first define what it is not. Dedicated internet is not Dial-Up, DSL, Cable, or WiFi hotspots. All of these internet types are multiple clients sharing a single point of access to the internet. The speed varies based on usage. This… read more →

What is Colocation?

Colocation is high availability, high-quality, and low-cost option for businesses that rely on a significant online presence without incurring the expense of engineering and building an advanced server room, purchasing expensive networking equipment, UPS power supplies, firewalls and servers to be located at their place of business. Colocation allows businesses… read more →

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