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The Beginner’s Guide to Finding Great Business Tech Support in Los Angeles

Finding business tech support in Los Angeles is easy. Finding good business tech support in Los Angeles is much harder.  Linking up with the right tech support team is critical for busy professionals. Robert Kiyosaki, the Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, said, “Finding good partners is the key to… read more →

Online Content Thought Process

1. Is the content relevant? When adding new content, one must be sure that it has a purpose and is not a random addition that will clutter the page. The addition must fall under the correct category for the page it is on. It must be appropriate for what is… read more →

Choose which IMAP account folders to appear in Outlook

ProTip: It is best practice to regularly check your junk email folders to ensure no safe emails have been improperly labeled as junk. It is best to check this folder once a day and delete the contents of the folder weekly or bi-weekly. When using an IMAP email account, an… read more →

Configure Microsoft Surface for Exchange

To add an Exchange account to your Microsoft Surface Tablet: From the Start screen, select the Mail app tile.           Add your Microsoft email address (Not Exchange), enter password, and click ‘Save.’ After saving, your Mail will open up in Microsoft Live email account.      … read more →

Configure Android for Global IT Exchange

Go to ‘Settings’ Select ‘Accounts & sync’                 Select the ‘+’ to add a new account                 Select ‘Exchange ActiveSync’                 Enter your full email address, password, and select… read more →

Configure iPhone for Global IT Exchange

From the main screen, choose ‘Settings’                 Choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’                 Choose ‘Add Account’                 Choose Exchange                 Enter your full… read more →

Configure Outlook 2013 for Global IT Exchange

Open a fresh installation of Microsoft Outlook 2013 or a new Profile. Click on ‘Next’             Choose ‘Yes’ and click on ‘Next’             Fill in your name, full email address, password twice, and click on ‘Next’        … read more →

Planning for a UPS – power supply system

Crashing computer systems and network devices can be detrimental to the continuity of technology and business operations. Loss of power can cause potential database errors, leading to failing programs and devices resulting in loss of business workflow, downtime, and thousands of dollars in labor or hardware for recovery attempts. With… read more →

Net Neutrality and What This Means to You

Net Neutrality and What This Means to You The internet was originally organized to be open, this meant that all “lawful” content, devices and applications could be used and shared freely. This principle was also intended to prevent unreasonable discrimination in the handling of internet traffic. The ultimate goal of… read more →

Global IT Webmail – User Access Instructions

1. First, open your favorite internet browser for this write up I will be using Fire Fox 2. Navigate to this page, and enter the e-mail address provided to you by the Global IT support team 3. Now you will see a page with a log in box like… read more →

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