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Healthcare IT

There is no question that technology is causing massive changes in how healthcare is being managed. Healthcare IT solutions have aided the way people are being cared for worldwide from hospitals, clinics and health centers. It has helped provide more accurate diagnosis, reduced medical management expenses, helped cut down on… read more →

Women in IT

It is 2019, women in tech are on the rise and making their presence known in a historically male dominated industry. Early Education for IT based Careers Historically, boys have received more positive reinforcement in their pursuit of IT related educational goals, while girls were often pushed to pursue non-tech… read more →

11 Ways to Have a Better Online Experience

In today’s society, using the internet and computers is a lot different than what it was when they first came about. Although we are living in a world of spam, viruses and malware, there are many ways to stay safe. Take a look below to learn more about what to… read more →

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What You Need to Know About Los Angeles IT Outsourcing

Do you have questions about outsourcing to a Managed Services Provider Los Angeles? This article may help answer some questions. What Exactly Is Outsourcing IT? Outsourcing IT is when a company outsources things like tech support, cloud backup, internet service, firewall services, disaster recovery, telecom services, and compliance to a… read more →

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25 Top Managed IT and Tech Support Companies in Los Angeles

There are a lot of tech support companies and managed IT firms in Los Angeles. If you have a business, these companies will procure internet service for you, back up your data in the cloud, protect you from viruses, and provide 24/7 tech support. With so many options available in… read more →

How Much Does Managed IT Cost in Los Angeles?

Many companies in Los Angeles use managed IT to improve productivity, protect their valuable data, and stabilize their costs. Yet, what are those costs exactly? How much should a business in Los Angeles expect to pay for managed IT support? Let’s explore that question. First Things First: The Absolute Essentials… read more →

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The Essential Guide to Understanding Ransomware

Ransomware is a serious threat for companies of all sizes. The objective of this article is to showcase the dangers of ransomware and (more importantly) to give companies cutting-edge tactics they can use to protect themselves. The False Narrative About Ransomware This article’s readers will fall into two categories: those… read more →


4 Benefits of Break-Fix Services Managed IT Companies Won’t Tell You

Break-fix IT services have fallen out of favor with IT companies and even many customers. Yet, sometimes break-fix criticism goes too far. Most IT companies refuse to say a good word about break-fix, which is a little unfair. It’s true, managed IT is almost always the better value for most… read more →


Best Managed Colocation Services in the City of Commerce and Santa Fe Springs

Companies in the City of Commerce and Santa Fe Springs are flocking to colocation and managed colocation services. Colocation saves many businesses time and money. That’s why so many companies are moving their hardware to managed data centers. Naturally, you may have some questions. What is colocation? How exactly does… read more →

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8 Facts Businesses in Los Angeles Need to Know About the GDPR

“The status quo has been completely redefined.” That’s what the Chief Security Officer of Egnyte, Kris Lahiri, says about the GDPR. Most tech watchers tend to agree with him. Without further ado, here’s a brief summary about the GDPR. What Is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is… read more →

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