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Net Neutrality and What This Means to You

Net Neutrality and What This Means to You The internet was originally organized to be open, this meant that all “lawful” content, devices and applications could be used and shared freely. This principle was also intended to prevent unreasonable discrimination in the handling of internet traffic. The ultimate goal of… read more →

Explained: Residential vs. Business Broadband

Residential Internet Service Providers (ISP) compared to business Internet Service Provider connections. Here are some apparent differences: Residential products: 1. Provision dynamic IP addresses (not static) ◾A dynamic IP means that the IP address will change without warning. Therefore you cannot efficiently and reliably use business features like monitoring, added… read more →

Financial Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

Add This Infographic to Your Site <a href=’’><img src=’’ width=’100%’></a><br/><a href=’’>Financial Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services – GLOBAL IT</a>

Protecting Against Common Computer Threats

There are two types of common threats most non technical staff will encounter. “Phishing” for information “Viruses” never friendly What to do Phishing Develop a healthy skepticism when reading any email that asks for sensitive information and take a couple of simple steps to protect you. Familiar alarmist messages from… read more →

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