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How to Configure Spam Settings

How to increase or decrease your spam settings and how to add users to the blacklist or whitelist. Most users will just use steps 1 through 5. Step 6 is for advanced configuration, should only be used by advanced users. 1.  Access Control Panel Type: into your preferred Internet browser. Enter… read more →

Why Moving Toward RWD (Responsive Web Design) Has a Direct Effect on Your Marketing

Mobile has demonstrated that it is here to stay. As more and more users begin to utterly depend on their mobile device to connect them with the world, it has become even more essential for companies to institute an effective mobile strategy for their website. Since new mobile devices appear… read more →

DNS (Domain Name Services) 101

DNS – (UDP, 53) DNS (Domain Name System) is a service that resolves a web address, like, to an IP address, like, which is the location of a server that is hosting the website. In some cases just entering an IP address will direct you to a website.… read more →

Beware of Yellow Pages Online Directory Scam

There is a reoccurring scam going on where companies (they go by various names) are soliciting business listings and misleading people to believe that they are free.  Here is an example of one that was faxed,  These type of forms are being sent via email, fax and mail. As… read more →

Beware of Scammers Posing as Global Tech, Global PC or Global IT

If you have been contacted by a telemarketer informing that you have been sending out viruses or adware from your computer, this is a SCAM and we are recommending that you follow the following steps.  This company is known to pose as Global Tech, Global PC or Global IT and… read more →

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that is provided to individuals and organizations to allow their websites to be accessed and viewed by the World Wide Web. Web hosting and web design Whittier companies typically have the needed resources in place to ensure a quality website infrastructure. While there is the… read more →

Spyware and Adware

Spyware and Adware are programs that are installed on a computer that perform operations that the user probably doesn’t want. Spyware is a program that was created for the purpose of collecting information and sending it to a designated entity. The information it gathers can be from which terms or… read more →

Should You Make The Switch To VoIP?

If you are one of the many SMB’s (small to medium business) considering switching to VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) as a telephone solution, you might be asking yourself, what is VoIP? Why do I need VoIP and how much does it cost? Facts about VoIP VoIP in the simplest explanation… read more →

What is Dedicated Internet?

In order to understand what dedicated internet is, we must first define what it is not. Dedicated internet is not Dial-Up, DSL, Cable, or WiFi hotspots. All of these internet types are multiple clients sharing a single point of access to the internet. The speed varies based on usage. This… read more →

What is Colocation?

Colocation is high availability, high-quality, and low-cost option for businesses that rely on a significant online presence without incurring the expense of engineering and building an advanced server room, purchasing expensive networking equipment, UPS power supplies, firewalls and servers to be located at their place of business. Colocation allows businesses… read more →

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