Best Managed Colocation Services in the City of Commerce and Santa Fe Springs

Companies in the City of Commerce and Santa Fe Springs are flocking to colocation and managed colocation services. Colocation saves many businesses time and money. That’s why so many companies are moving their hardware to managed data centers.

Naturally, you may have some questions.

What is colocation? How exactly does it save my company money? What are the best managed colocation services for businesses in the Los Angeles Area? This article will answer your questions.

What is Colocation?

In simple terms, colocation is storing your equipment in a third-party data center. Colocation gives you floor space, electricity, high-speed links to the internet, and physical security for your equipment. This means less clutter around your office, no electricity costs, and the ability to easily scale up. The dependable electricity, network, and cooling systems of a dedicated data center are invaluable.

However, colocation doesn’t stop there because you can also get managed colocation services. As far as IT goes, this gives your business total peace of mind.

Benefit 1: 24/7 Expert Support

A managed colocation service provider will monitor, install, and update everything for you. That keeps your technology up and running, so you can make more money. If your team has limited experience with infrastructure, this is extremely beneficial. For example, managed colocation service providers do hard drive swaps, part replacement, and troubleshooting for you. That way, you don’t have to send your IT person out to the colocation data center to repair non-functioning equipment.

Benefit 2: Maximum Uptime

A study by Emerson Power shows that one minute of downtime costs businesses $7,900 a minute. For most businesses in Santa Fe Springs and the City of Commerce, the cost is probably not quite that high (outside of maybe Commerce Casino). Still, downtime is expensive and even a brief outage can cost your business thousands of dollars.  A managed colocation provider gives you minimal or no downtime.

Benefit 3: Dependable Security

Colocation gives your business increased security and safety. Here’s why. Most colocation centers (like the data center we own in Los Angeles) have 24/7 physical security to protect your hardware. Additionally, they have constant video monitoring that keeps the equipment safe. This gives valuable space back to your business since you don’t have to keep the hardware on your own site. Also, reputable data centers are compliant with regulations like the GLBA for the accounting industry.

Benefit 4: Scalability

One benefit of managed colocation is that it adapts to your business. If your company starts growing, it’s easy to add new equipment. If you need to scale back, that’s effortless too.

Colocation Means Freedom for Companies in Santa Fe Springs and Commerce

The biggest benefit of managed colocation is freedom. The City of Commerce and Santa Fe Springs are manufacturing & distribution hubs. Your business is great at manufacturing, distribution, or e-commerce sales. Managed colocation services and managed IT lets you focus on what you’re good at. It lets you put aside tech support worries, such as downtime, hardware failures, software installations, and much more.

Global IT owns a data colocation center in Los Angeles. We have customers in Santa Fe Springs, the City of Commerce, and the City of Industry, Whittier, and many other cities in the area. Click the link below for more information about colocation.