Configure iPhone for Global IT Exchange

From the main screen, choose ‘Settings’                 Choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’                 Choose ‘Add Account’                 Choose Exchange                 Enter your full… read more →

Configure Outlook 2013 for Global IT Exchange

Open a fresh installation of Microsoft Outlook 2013 or a new Profile. Click on ‘Next’             Choose ‘Yes’ and click on ‘Next’             Fill in your name, full email address, password twice, and click on ‘Next’        … read more →

Internet speed test

Today faster connections well over 100Mbps are becoming more common, and end users expect to test they are receiving the amount of speed they are paying for. When testing a connection faster that 100Mbps you may be surprised that accurate internet speed testing can be limited or affected by several… read more →

Planning for a UPS – power supply system

Crashing computer systems and network devices can be detrimental to the continuity of technology and business operations. Loss of power can cause potential database errors, leading to failing programs and devices resulting in loss of business workflow, downtime, and thousands of dollars in labor or hardware for recovery attempts. With… read more →

Learning From iCloud’s Security Breach – How To Keep Your Network More Secure

It was just a matter of time before another leading corporation became the victim of another hacker incident by accessing information through an IT security breach. The last major reported breach in 2014 during the holiday season when major corporations Target and Goldman Sachs became victims. Now, headlines of Apple… read more →

International trading ISP network routing – IT Services Case Study:

Improving ISP connections to the US is a must for the international trading: Connections from overseas are generally run over saturated routes, reducing the speed and throughput available for international communications. International traders rely on real-time information to allow them to trade quickly, and when a connection is slow, a… read more →

Hospitality IT Services – Case Study:

Global IT has been serving the hospitality industry for more than 11 years and our IT leadership experience dates back to 1996. Global IT hospitality product and services portfolio spans from major hotel chains to exclusive Beverly Hills and beachfront hotels in Southern CA. Through its wide range of services,… read more →

Best Remote Desktop Access Security Configuration

Best Remote Desktop Access Security Configuration Many users continue to leave wide open remote control software which can be easily exploited by a hacker. It is highly recommended to use secure methods for remote access and control stations; for example, the use of a VPN connection. Below you will find… read more →

Best Practices for Cash Register and PoS Security

Best Practices for Cash Register and PoS Security Security policies should be implemented for all aspects of a network from top to bottom. Here you will find the best network security practices for cash registers and POS systems. While not all the policies listed below may be necessary, it is… read more →

Best Network Security Practices for Merchant Processing

Best Network Security Practices for Merchant Processing Protecting and securing consumer data should be an imperative policy. Securing consumer data can increase consumer shopping confidence and add value to your business reputation. Here are some guidelines for safeguarding merchant terminals from internet hackers. While not all the policies listed below… read more →

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