Security Protection: Top Concern for Mobile Payments

The Federal Reserve Board estimates that 87 percent of all American adults own a cell phone and 71 percent of those phones are Internet-enabled smartphones. The convenience of mobile access to the Internet means that more users are going to start shopping through their phones, and the numbers show that… read more →

Why you need to move to the Cloud

The Cloud sounds like some mystical place where data is held in golden vaults and retrieved by Microsoft certified angels. Well, perhaps the perception of the Cloud is not quite that dramatic, but many business owners do tend to avoid learning the facts about the cloud that could help their… read more →

Crypto-ransomware Virus Hits Kentucky Hospital

When the world starts to hear about the exploits of a computer virus, it means the virus is performing some serious damage around the world. When ransomware was introduced, it took viruses to a whole new level. Ransomware is a virus that locks up your data files and then demands… read more →

Savings on IT Costs Guaranteed

Looking to save on IT costs? We have the solution for you. At Global IT we guarantee to cut your IT expenses or we pay the difference. Global IT GuaranteeWe guarantee a high-quality service and 100% satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, we don’t expect you to pay. We know our products… read more →

Global IT for Best Computer Support!

Pleasured to announce, that Global IT has been nominated for Best Computer Support in the Best of the Best Awards held by the Whittier Chamber. We got nominated last year, but never received an award… help us make it this year! It’s super easy and takes 2 minutes to do.… read more →

When You Supply Google With Internet…

Global IT had the pleasure of working along side one of the biggest tech giants of all time, Google. Friday last week, Google held Let’s Put Whittier on the Map and needed our high speed fiber internet to connect its guests online. A few weeks leading up to the event Google… read more →

Telecom Case Studies

Since 2000 Global IT has saved companies more than $100,000,000 in unnecessary technology expenses. Case Study One A public listed company, with multiple locations in USA and abroad required managed WAN, voice and Internet connections. With our assistance the company gained total cost savings of more than $500K within 36 months.… read more →

Transferring domain(s) away from Global IT Communications, Inc.

In order to transfer a domain away from Global IT, you will have to complete the following steps: Ensure all administrative and technical contact information is up to date. Request a Global IT administrator to turn off/cancel Protected Registration or Private Registration, if applicable. (Included with administrative fee*) Once requested… read more →

Tech Giants & your Private Information

Apple has unlocked iPhone’s for authorities at least 70 times since 2008. Google celebrated Internet Safer Day earlier this month to raise awareness of ‘how they can help you stay secure online’.
Tech companies have been battling relentlessly with governments over access to people’s electronic information.
Last Tuesday rallies were held across the US to protest the FBI’s demands that Apple unlock the iPhone at the center of the San Bernardino investigation.

13th Annual Global Green Oscar Party

All of the technical expertise for the event was provided by Global IT. Throughout the years, Mr. C’s Beverly Hills Hotel has relied on Global IT for its routine communications maintenance, high technology repairs, and installation projects that involved any type of technology or communications equipment. So it was no surprise that Mr. C’s would turn to Global IT to outfit this special event and make it something spectacular for all of the guests to enjoy.

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