Online Content Thought Process


1. Is the content relevant?

When adding new content, one must be sure that it has a purpose and is not a random addition that will clutter the page. The addition must fall under the correct category for the page it is on. It must be appropriate for what is happening and the circumstances that surrounds this information.

2. Does this sound helpful or like a sales pitch?

It is important to look at the information being added from the clients’ perspective. This does not mean the content of the message must be changed, but how it is said must be looked at. If a consumer is reading the information they do not want to feel like they are constantly being sold something. A reader will stop reading if they do not understand what is being said. Because of this, content must be helpful and easy to understand so the client feels like their needs are being met.

3. Is this new information being beneficial?

The website already has a lot of content. This means when thinking about adding more content, one must think about if this new information is necessary. Does this new content make the website or page better? Is it necessary that this is being said and is it being said in a concise and effective way? These are things needing to be considered before adding more to the page.

4. Is this the best way to say it?

Wording is a very important factor in any content. The way a sentence is written can really make a difference. On a site like this the best thing to do is make the phrasing of a sentence effective with minimum words.

5. Is the content free of errors?

This is the most common mistake and the one most easily found. People who are really reading this site will find errors in the content and may find a mistake unprofessional and sloppy. In order to keep the content in the best form, content must be proofread by multiple people, multiple times before added to the site. This is the case for everything written and published.

6. Is this design mobile friendly?

With a world increasingly dependent on mobile devices, everything published online must be accessible by computer and smartphone. This is a factor looked at by consumers and by google. Commonly, a site is found by a quick search on a phone before continuing on a computer for further research into a company’s page. Being a technological company, it is imperative that all bases are covered in these ways.