How International Online Retailers Can Increase Sales and Consumer Confidence by Hosting in the US

Many businesses outside of the US are looking to expand their markets and offer their products to US consumers.  This is especially true if these businesses are primarily selling their products through an ecommerce platform. There are a few challenges involved in bridging that gap to online US sales. Most… read more →

Why Use a Colocation Facility as Opposed to Hosting On-site

When deciding whether to choose hosting on-site versus using a colocation facility, there are several factors to consider. Some of these factors include: Bandwidth Power Redundancy Security Scalability BANDWIDTH Capacity – when dealing with bandwidth, you need to consider the capacity that will be available to you. Colocations are typically… read more →

How Much Colocation Do I Need?

Many times, a business that has decided to colocate is not exactly sure how many rack spaces, or cabinets, they will require. Colocation “cabinets” are available in “U” sizes and are sold in increments that range from 1U up to multiple full racks / cabinets (42U ea.). Although it might… read more →

Net Neutrality and What This Means to You

Net Neutrality and What This Means to You The internet was originally organized to be open, this meant that all “lawful” content, devices and applications could be used and shared freely. This principle was also intended to prevent unreasonable discrimination in the handling of internet traffic. The ultimate goal of… read more →

Explained: Residential vs. Business Broadband

Residential Internet Service Providers (ISP) compared to business Internet Service Provider connections. Here are some apparent differences: Residential products: 1. Provision dynamic IP addresses (not static) ◾A dynamic IP means that the IP address will change without warning. Therefore you cannot efficiently and reliably use business features like monitoring, added… read more →

Increase Your Ranking With Customer Reviews

How Customer Reviews Affect Your Organic Rankings As a business, you want your online presence to stand out among the competition. One of the best ways to do so is by encouraging your audience to complete customer reviews online. As seen in Moz’s breakdown of local search ranking factors, there… read more →

Global IT Webmail – User Access Instructions

1. First, open your favorite internet browser for this write up I will be using Fire Fox 2. Navigate to this page, and enter the e-mail address provided to you by the Global IT support team 3. Now you will see a page with a log in box like… read more →

Global IT IP KVM – User Access Instructions

1.    Open Internet Explorer, IE is required to be used for the IP KVM software. 2.    Enter the IP KVM URL provided to you by the Global IT support team. 3.    Click on “Continue to this website …” Twice 4.    Click on “Continue” on “Security Warning” pop-up window 5.    Check… read more →

Financial Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

Add This Infographic to Your Site <a href=’’><img src=’’ width=’100%’></a><br/><a href=’’>Financial Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services – GLOBAL IT</a>

Selecting The Right Business Profile Picture

Selecting a personal image to be used for business purposes poses the question; business professional or business casual attire? This question is generally industry specific, so if you are in a corporate environment where you regularly wear professional attire, we suggest a business professional picture. If you decide to go… read more →

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