Why you need to move to the Cloud

The Cloud sounds like some mystical place where data is held in golden vaults and retrieved by Microsoft certified angels. Well, perhaps the perception of the Cloud is not quite that dramatic, but many business owners do tend to avoid learning the facts about the cloud that could help their business and save them money.

cloud_computingAccording to SiliconAngle.com, the cloud computing market is expected to exceed $79 billion by 2018. It is also interesting to note that one-quarter of all business executives who were polled said that if they could only move one function of their IT services to the Cloud, they would move data storage. People believe that the Cloud is so prominent that 32 percent of all Americans feel that cloud computing is the wave of the future, and it is a wave your company can ride to success.

The Financial Benefits of Moving To the Cloud

According to WebRoot.com, the Cloud offers several financial benefits over buying onsite storage. When you use onsite physical storage, you have:

  • Maintenance Costs
  • Equipment Repair and Upgrade Costs
  • Personnel Costs

With the Cloud, you do not have any of these costs to worry about anymore. The Cloud also does not require any initial capital purchases of equipment either. As long as your company has Internet-enabled computers, then you already have the equipment you need to use the Cloud.

Using the Cloud also eliminates the need to invest in backup equipment for your data, along with the costs associated with running redundant servers to prevent your network from going down. When you add up how much you spend on equipment alone for a computer network, you can understand how the Cloud saves you money.

The Operational Benefits of Moving To the Cloud

Oracle.com points out that being on a cloud system means that your company can grow at a natural pace, instead of being hampered by the need for more technology to accommodate your growth. When you are on the Cloud, you no longer have to figure technology costs into your business’ growth plans.

cloud-backupWhether you intend to expand your operations throughout the country or around the world, using a cloud system means you never have to purchase additional equipment for each location. Any satellite office or main business location can tap into your company’s cloud service and be on the same network the rest of the company uses. In more ways than one, cloud computing takes all of the technology costs and worries out of growing your business to any size you want.

Outsourcing Your Cloud Transition

The Cloud is a safe and secure place to use as your company’s computer network, but getting there can be a challenge. Remember that when you decide to transition to a cloud network, you are moving all of your company’s data to a brand new platform. It can take time, and it is not easy. Luckily, there are experts who can make the transition simple.

According to MSP Mentor, around 53 percent of all businesses that have moved to a cloud solution made the transition on their own. That means that 47 percent of companies preferred to allow professionals to make the transition for them. However, 50 percent of the companies that did it on their own said that they should have outsourced their transition to make the process easier and more comprehensive.

Global IT has a professionally managed data center that will host your cloud system and take your technical support calls 24-hours a day, and seven days a week. Global IT technicians are qualified and understand cloud transition that can make sure that your data is safely moved to your cloud solution, and that you are up and running as quickly as possible. Take advantage of everything the Cloud has to offer and make sure you have a professional organization make the transition for you.