When You Supply Google With Internet…

Global IT had the pleasure of working along side one of the biggest tech giants of all time, Google.

Friday last week, Google held Let’s Put Whittier on the Map and needed our high speed fiber internet to connect its guests online.


Global IT Technician Shaun installing wireless internet antenna.

A few weeks leading up to the event Google contacted us, explaining how they were holding an event in our hometown and needed a hand with internet services. We were happy to help.

Our technicians set up an AirFiber X Antenna on our office roof facing in the direction of the venue, the Raddison Hotel. This wasn’t an ordinary antenna, it advances in noise isolation and beam performance, perfect for Point-to-point (PtP) bridging. This allowed us to bridge the gap between the two buildings by sending out our internet to the hotel.


Whittier Locals completing online workshops.

The conference was a success with all 80 guests connecting online at once to complete workshops. Topics covered were how to grow your business online, get found on google search and maps, along with how to build your free website.

Google has been hosting Let’s Put Our Cities On the Map around the country since 2011. The purpose of the free program is to help small businesses establish themselves online to increase their customer base.