13th Annual Global Green Oscar Party

13th Global Green Awards

Over 20 years ago, former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev started an organization called Green Cross International that was designed to bring environmental issues to the forefront. It did not take long for an American affiliate of the Green Cross to get started, and that affiliate is called Global Green. Thanks to the continued support of celebrities, politicians, and business professionals, Global Green has gained popularity in the United States, keeping the environment on everyone’s mind.

On February 28, 2016, Global Green held its 13th annual pre-Oscar party, the guests who attended were a litany of influential people. At the gathering, Global Green talked about the research it has done to help improve the environment, and its growing relationship with the World Bank Group’s Global Partnership program and the Connect4Climate initiative. To help get the message across, the group called on some very popular celebrities to entertain the large gathering of guests.

Stevie Wonder at the 13th Global Green Oscar Party.

Stevie Wonder at the 13th Global Green Oscar Party.

Stevie Wonder was the headlining act, he got everyone’s attention when he debuted a brand new song. After unveiling his new song, Stevie Wonder then launched into a myriad of his other hits in which he changed some of the lyrics to help further the Global Green cause. If people are truly looking for deep-seated messages in music, they found a lot of environmentally-friendly messages in Stevie Wonder’s performance.

Then speakers such as renowned journalist Soledad O’Brien explained Global Green’s purpose, and discussed the details of the Connect4Climate initiative. Ms. O’Brien went on to discuss the U.N. Foundation and Global Green’s Champions program, which are two programs designed to reward countries, companies, and individuals who help bring more attention to the needs of the environment.

The event was held at Mr. C’s Beverly Hills Hotel, and it required a tremendous amount of technical support to be successful. There was miles of cabling required to connect the media representatives to their various outlets, a WiFi network to help everyone in the room connect their mobile computing devices securely to the Internet, and special attention was given to the 12th floor of the hotel where the guests spent time enjoying the festivities and a special cocktail party. There was also a need for installing special Infinity cameras throughout the venue for the added protection of the VIP guest list.

All of the technical expertise for the event was provided by Global IT. Throughout the years, Mr. C’s Beverly Hills Hotel has relied on Global IT for its routine communications maintenance, high technology repairs, and installation projects that involved any type of technology or communications equipment. So it was no surprise that Mr. C’s would turn to Global IT to outfit this special event and make it something spectacular for all of the guests to enjoy.

Global Green Annual Oscar Party

Global IT ran all of the cabling, set up the enhanced WiFi service, and ran the Infinity cameras to the 12th floor to enhance the entire experience for all of the guests. The technicians for Global IT were onsite to address any issues that may have popped up, which would explain why all of the guests and Global Green event organizers had nothing but praise for the way the event turned out.

Global Green continues its important work and is already planning their 14th annual pre-Oscar party for next year. Global IT continues to provide premium technical support to Mr. C’s, as well as countless other customers throughout the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area. Whenever you read about an event going off without a hitch in a Beverly Hills hotel such as Mr. C’s, it is usually because Global IT was involved in the event in some way.

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