International trading ISP network routing – IT Services Case Study:


Improving ISP connections to the US is a must for the international trading:

  1. Connections from overseas are generally run over saturated routes, reducing the speed and throughput available for international communications.
  2. International traders rely on real-time information to allow them to trade quickly, and when a connection is slow, a matter of seconds can cost thousands of dollars.
  3. Redirecting traffic to go over less saturated routes is a method that can be used to reduce the high latency which plagues international traders.
  4. Global IT has direct network fiber access to Level 3, Internap, Verizon, ATT, XO, Time Warner, Saavis, and 300+ other major Telco carriers. This well designed US and Global network reach provides the ability to redirect and change routing to provide optimized network routing customers connecting to the data world.

How Global IT helped an Australian based Trading Firm:

A trading firm from Australia was experiencing high latency when connecting to a trading server located in Chicago. Global IT investigated the routes and latency and found the line to be saturated. Latency to Los Angeles was much lower compared to the default route that it was taking.

international isp routing

International isp routing

In order to improve the time response, Global IT data center and network service teams investigated routing options and implemented a strategy that would improve this customers response time from Australia to USA, and ultimate end point in Chicago. Within two days a new routing plan and system had been implemented and tested by the Australian trading company successfully. In addition, Global IT improved network security for this customer. This secure and improved routing plan continues to be very successful and in use today.