Beware of Yellow Pages Online Directory Scam

There is a reoccurring scam going on where companies (they go by various names) are soliciting business listings and misleading people to believe that they are free.  Here is an example of one that was faxed,  These type of forms are being sent via email, fax and mail.

As you can see, they seem to be advertising that there is no charge for the listing:yellow-pages-scam-top

But if you read the fine print it says that this is an order form, that you are subject to pay $1099 for two years and that you have to cancel three months in advance or your listing will auto renew.


This company will send multiple collections agencies after you if you do not pay the invoice. Have a look at their actual website.  It generate very little search results when you do a search.  Do you notice that they have the fax number listed twice, however there is no phone number for this company.

Please be cautious for companies like these.  They consistently change their name and website address to mislead people.