Beware of Scammers Posing as Global Tech, Global PC or Global IT

scammerIf you have been contacted by a telemarketer informing that you have been sending out viruses or adware from your computer, this is a SCAM and we are recommending that you follow the following steps.  This company is known to pose as Global Tech, Global PC or Global IT and saying that they are partnered with Microsoft.

1. If you have allowed them into your computer:

  • ASAP dispute your credit card transaction with the bank.
  • Contact a trusted computer technician and ask them to remove any last installed software programs.

2. Report a complaint to the following organizations:


Google search on Global Tech & Microsoft Scam

Microsoft article

YouTube video of captured telemarketer by IT technician

Please forward this blog post to friends, family and co-workers to help minimize the effects of this Internet Phone Scam.

Please visit our Corporate page for additional information: