DIY: Online Marketing and SEO On-Page Optimization

Online-MarketingOn-Page optimization: On-page optimization is a part of SEO that focuses on improving your website itself, making sure that everything that can be done on the website is being done, increasing the traffic flow to you as much as possible.

  • Description: The site description is very important; in order to ensure the best results, make sure you try to not surpass the proper amount of characters (currently 160).
  • The description is what is shown on all search engines when your site comes up; pack it full of rich content, so that it hooks the reader in.
  • Make sure all tags, headers, and descriptions contain your keywords. This is one of the things search engines will be looking for.
  • Website must be consistently updated.
  • A website that is rich with relevant, and new content will be held at a higher value and receive better rankings. The site map is what Google uses to navigate through your website, and also to see when the most recent update was made.  If you have a clean site map and are consistently making updates, higher rankings will be received.
  • Create links to your social media pages on your site, it gives more exposure and is also more user friendly.
  • More exposure will increase credibility and improve your networking.
  • Add blogs and forums to your website to increase value and ranking.
  • Avoid duplicate content; Google will discredit you for having any.
  • Make use of tracking codes, these allow you to see the progress of your site.
  • How many people are frequenting your website?
  • How long are people staying on your site?
  • What specifically are the viewer’s looking at?

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